Now the rest of the vacation! 🙂  We spent Sunday just hanging out with Dad.  Here is Troy and his transformer with Dad, errr Grandpa.

Here Troy and I are being a little silly.  Dad didn’t seem to mind too much! LOL!

Here’s another from our posing session.  Dad didn’t complain once about all the photos.  Thanks Dad!

Here Dad is teaching Troy how to cast.  I can’t tell you how long they spent “fishing”.  Dad patiently untangled several tangles, and even had to just give up and cut one off.  I think we all agreed that fishing was probably not one of Troy’s strong suit yet!  He’s just not a patient boy, but he really enjoyed his fishing with Dad and wanted to go fishing with him right then and there.

Here is Dad spoiling Troy with a fudge-icicle.  Yes, I think it was his first.  Is there any turning back? *eye roll*

Troy also spent a good while with this skateboard.  Yes, he fell a few times but overall did pretty well.  David and I are waiting for him to start begging for a skateboard.

I took Troy to the back yard and showed him one of the trees I used to climb.  Dad took down the few boards we had nailed up that consisted of our “fort”.  I have fond memories of sneaking up there with a bag of salt and some “stolen” rhubarb. Yumm!

Ahhh, Dad’s pride and joy! This picture was actually taken at Grandma’s the day before but it seemed more appropriate to show it here.

Here is a picture of the three of us that Dad took.  It may be a tad blurry, I think Dad was shaking just a bit.  See that Transformer in Troy’s hands?  He didn’t have it far from him the entire trip!  Now it is somewhere in his playroom, but during the trip it was King Toy!

We drove back up to Calvin and Danette’s Sunday evening and flew out on Monday.  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a part of our adventure!