Just to prove (perhaps only to myself) that this blog is much easier to manage than our old website here is another post.  This one is to show a few pictures that I missed before from our trip to Utah.

Here is proof that Troy CAN sit still, well for a minute perhaps! He’s waiting for the pinata to be broken.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have a clue which one of my cousins this is, but I thought it was the cutest thing that he was so tire that he crawled into this baby carrier and took a nap.

Can you believe that we allowed Troy to play with this popping firecracker-thingy? Just because our parents allowed us to play with firecrackers and we survived doesn’t mean it was a good idea! Ha!  Not to worry, we were hovering pretty close! 😉

Troy was so interested in this 4 wheeler, but wouldn’t get on it so I HAD to show him it was okay.  After he saw Calvin and I go up and down the street a few times he agreed to join us.  He didn’t want too long of a ride though.

I think that does it for our Utah pictures!  I’m sure I’ll have plenty more for our trip to Texas for David’s family reunion.