I lost my last pair of glasses so I had to get a new pair.  Its been over a year so I did the whole route and got my eyes examined first.  Good thing, since I had some questions for the doctor.  Like, “I hate my old glasses.” He explained that the no-lines bifocals make you have to read in one small area and you have to move your head instead of your eyes.  So I decided to go with the lined bifocals AND get a pair of just reading glasses for just reading.  He also told me the best (least costly) place to get them!  Two pair cost me under $90!

I also got my hair cut.  I wanted it shorter in back yet still have that bob style going in the front so I can use a headband or pull my hair back with a barrette.  I also wanted to look good for our upcoming family reunion in Texas this week-end.  Without further ado:

Okay, I guess you can’t really see much of the style, but you can see that it is shorter.  The hairdresser cut of at least 5 inches in the back.

Here are my new Vera Wang glasses.

Also news on the Melissa front, I recently went for allergy testing.  We knew that I was allergic to “something” outside that really hits me if I try to mow.  David suggested getting tested so I asked for a referral and got one.  While I was filling out all the paperwork my gastritis came up and the doctor wanted to test for some food allergies.  Okay. . . .

Well, do you want to know the environmental or the food allergies first?

Okay, I’ll be nice and stay on topic.  I found that I am allergic to the following foods:

  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Avocado  *wails*
  • Oats

I am also allergic to the following environmental items:

  • Grass, grass, and MORE grass (allergic to all 6 types tested for)
  • Weeds (allergic to 7 of 10 tested for)
  • Cats
  • Dust Mites (allergic to both types tested for)
  • Olive Trees (fortunately, this tree isn’t common here)

I have decided to give allergy shots a try.  I hate taking medication and frequently forget (like this morning, did I or didn’t I take that pill?) I’ll still take the medication while I’m receiving the shots, but hopefully over time I won’t have to.  Although, it takes six to 12 months to know if the shots are working.

So after receiving all this info, I am now looking around for good rice recipes.  Since I can’t have potatoes and some pastas contain egg, rice is the safest starch.  I am learning how to cook around eggs (the egg replacer I bought has potato starch!) *sigh*  It is a good thing that both David and Troy love rice.  I’m the one that hasn’t been a rice fan.  Well, until now. 😉  But to be honest, my stomach HAS been feeling better so perhaps that is the silver lining to all this frustration of removing these foods from my diet.