This is how our day started.

I would like to say that Troy takes after David in his morning characteristics, but well, I really hate lying.  But never fear, by breakfast he was his usual cheerful self!  Yes, that is what he ate for breakfast.  Well, plus about three spoonfuls of yogurt; does that count?

Daddy got to go in late so he was around to help keep Troy on task and on time!

Okay, I had to get one of me with Troy too!  I really like this one!

Guess who got to drive Troy to school? Yep!  Isn’t this a great picture?!

Here is the official first day of school picture!

Of course it didn’t take long for him to start monkeying around!

Here he met up with some “old” classmates from last year at pre-school.

The kids must play outside until the first bell rings, then it is time to run to their backpacks (which are in line according to their teacher.)  Here is the line up.

Here is his classroom.  More boys than girls! Oh poor Teacher! I’ll bet she sleeps well at night!

I was impressed with how well she kept them engaged while she was putting away all the supplies they brought.  She was great with them!

Here is Troy at his desk.  He as a name tag to wear (stays at school) as well as a special tag that goes on his backpack, so if something happens they know which bus he is supposed to be on.  Notice the lunch box?  Troy let me know that he wanted me to eat lunch with him and he wanted a pastrami sandwich on his first day of school!  (Second day of school he ate cafeteria fare of soft taco.)

Troy is loving school!  We knew he would, but he was a bit apprehensive about it at first.  He has about four kids from his class last year.  (One of them is behind him in the red shirt.) He is loving riding the bus home.  So our first week of school is a success!