Well, we survived our trip to Texas! Okay, I wasn’t too afraid that we wouldn’t I was concerned about the few days afterward before school started! (All’s okay on the front, I’ll post about school after this posting.)

First, we got to hang out with Cousin Judy! She’s a riot! She had no problems falling under Troy’s spell during their first conversation (from the airport) and telling her that he met her when he was a baby and he remembered her. Ummm, no but then who am I to correct him when he KNOWS he is right???? *eyeroll*

Thank you Judy for opening your home to all us rowdy cousins! I’m so glad I finally got to meet you! {{{hugs}}}

I’m sure if we ask Troy a couple of years from now what he remembers about his trip to Texas he’ll mention this:

Yes, the hours and HOURS he spent in the pool. He would come back to the hotel with his eyes bloodshot and blurry from all the HOURS he spent in the pool!

Did I mention all the time he spent in the pool? We had to pull him out at around 9pm. Perhaps we have a future Michael Phelps in the making????

And take a look at who else was visiting Texas!

And who else was visiting! Okay, Aunt Bev wasn’t visiting Texas but she was visiting Ft. Worth. Can you tell that Troy was just hating all the attention? Ha!

Troy had heard all about Cousin Sarah and he took to her like, well, like Troy on a friend! I must give her a ton of credit, she handled all the attention very well and tolerated his antics with aplomb.

I believe the second aspect of Troy’s Texas visit will be his memory of all the cousins he got to play (and swim) with. Here are a couple of the boys. I’m sorry I can’t remember all their names, I know the older boy is Preston. With two younger brothers, Preston was unfazed with Troy’s energy level and playfulness.

Now doesn’t that look like one happy Grandmother/Great Aunt? I thought it funny after looking at this picture how Troy and Wyatt wore matching blue shirts. What a great picture!

On Saturday morning we headed out to the Ft. Worth Stockyard. This cowboy found us pretty quickly after our arrival. Check out that horse’s smile! This horse was extremely well trained! It was amazing! The children could pet him anywhere!

I guess it was just a matter of time before Troy had to do some time, and NOT in his room either! Here he is behind bars. Yes, that would be my boy with the hulking body and the tiny head!

In truth, Troy wasn’t the only one to find themselves behind bars. Here are the three of them. They only LOOK innocent! Trust me, they’re always up to something, just ask Troy.

Oops! Looks like I found a little trouble myself. I’m INNOCENT I tell you!

Watch out! Stampede!!!

Okay, perhaps it wasn’t quite a stampede, but check out those horns! Seriously, I’ve never seen such long horns with my own eyes! Here’s another look for you:

Here we are petting a horse again. Troy called this “his” cowboy! He got a kick out of Troy calling him Dude. I swear I don’t know where he picked that up! We were still living in Germany when he started that.

After the stampede we found ourselves watching a shootout. See that smoke? Can you imagine the noise?

Yes, Troy watched most of the show like this. You could never tell when one of those weapons were going to go off. David said he nearly jumped out of his skin the first couple of times.

While we were walking around I was surprise to spot Senator McCain. I didn’t realize he was a Dallas Cowboy fan!! Awesome!


While we were wandering around looking for lunch we came across this Indian, errr, Native American who was willing to allow the children sit upon his horse. (Okay, he’d let anyone with $$$ sit on his horse!) Take a look at Darin peeking from behind the horse, do you think he’s scared of that Indian?

On Sunday we took the kids to the Dallas Aquarium. This was pretty cool and had a rain forest theme. When I got home, I had over 200 pictures on my camera. I did delete the blurry ones and some unnecessary duplicates, but you can imagine I took quite a few of the animals. I won’t bore you with animals when we had plenty of Wild Kids to take pictures of to share with you here.

First we’ll start with this picture of all four kids. I thought we did pretty good getting all four to sit at once. Especially to get at least two of them looking at the camera and at least one with a nice face on!

After much begging and pleading (by me) I got Rylee to pose. She appeared to enjoy hanging out with her cousin Troy.

Troy is getting a free ride. Sad will be the day when Troy is too big to be carried on Daddy’s big, strong shoulders.

I did have to show you this picture of Troy and the jaguar. Diego has Baby Jaguar, Troy has this pacing jaguar. Like Troy, this jaguar didn’t like to slow down for anything.

Does Troy look tortured here? We were watching an Aztec dance while at the aquarium when I flung the camera at David and demanded that I get at least one picture with Troy. Troy doesn’t look too happy about it does he? Oh well, he’ll get over it after a few years of therapy!

Here is one of the dancers that we were watching perform.

Here is Troy and Rylee at lunch after our aquarium adventure. She generously agreed to another picture with just a few pleadings from me.

I thought I’d share this picture of David and I. Troy takes a pretty good picture doesn’t he?

See, Troy doesn’t look put out to have his picture taken with Grandma and Aunt Bev. Perhaps he is enjoying all the attention he was getting!

Can you handle one last picture? Here is Judy, Bob and us on our last night of invading their home. Bless you both for enduring your home being taken over by all of us! {{{more hugs}}}