Troy has been taking gymnastics for over a year now.  He has now moved into the “big gym”.  Normally, the children must be 6 to attend class in the big gym, but the coach made an exception for Troy.  Good thing, since he is so ready.  In fact, he does some things better than the older boys.  His legs are straight on his cartwheels and round-offs and he’s been doing back hand springs on the triangle mats and trampoline for several months now. Oh, and here in the big gym the classes are separated by gender and age.  This is good because Troy is so competitive and working with the big boys helps him work a little harder.  Not that he ever really LOOKS like he’s working hard! ;D

Since the big gym is so much larger and they have several classes going on at any given time, I can’t get some really good pictures.  The room is too big to use flash and so I have to go with no flash which means I must hold the camera really still.  I don’t really know until I see the picture at home on the screen if it is too fuzzy. These pictures are in the order that they worked the room.

Here Troy is on the pummel horse.  This is one piece of equipment that they didn’t have in the pre-school gym.  It is one of his favorite things to watch while we watched the Olympics.

Here he is on the parallel bars.  (I did warn you they would be fuzzy.) He’s in the dark blue outfit.

This one is really hard to see, but I have to sit on the opposite side of the room and take my pictures.  I have the camera zoomed as much as I can.  He is here on the rings.  He’s been working on these for over a year.  Coach Tracy (from the pre-school gym) did as much for him as she could but he definitely needed to move up to start learning more and have time to practice the different moves. Here he is holding his legs straight out in an “L” position.  This is Coach Mickey in the blue shirt spotting him.  Mickey is the owner of the gym and has coached boys teams before.  Originally when the session was going to start they had a female coach, but since the gym wants to start a competitive boys team (they have had a girl’s team for several years) they thought that Mickey should coach the boys.

Here he is on a triangle mat doing a bridge kick-over.  He’s been doing these for awhile as well.  During the rotations at this part of the gym he also works on his handstands (just like the boy against the wall where you can see the legs behind the boy in yellow,) cartwheels & round-offs, several other types of rolls.  It is hard to get any pictures of this area because of the distance and the other children getting in the way.  Plus without flash the shudder on the camera takes longer to close and with his quick movements it is really difficult to get a picture that you can see more than just fuzzy movement.

Finally, he is in the section of the gym where he is close enough to see.  I still can’t use my flash so pictures are still blurry.  Here he is jumping from the tall mat.  This mat is about as tall has his head, just to give you an idea of how high he is jumping from.

Here he is in the stick position.  They work on this quite a bit: land (jumping rather,) stick and finish.

Here he is finishing his landing.  Since Coach Mickey broke his arm he has had an assistant helping him out.  This is Coach Chris.