I can’t believe that it’s been a month already that Troy has been in school.  We are pretty settled into our routine.  Our community pool closed right after Labor Day, so of course we had to take advantage of the last day.  Troy was playing with Faith, a girl in the neighborhood he sometimes plays with at the pool.

Troy’s swimming has really improved this year.  He is swimming the entire length of the pool here.

We knew he could, but he didn’t have the confidence in himself until the second half of the summer.  He swims great so long as he puts his head in the water.  We’ll probably put him back in swim lessons sometime this winter so he can continue to improve.  He has been diving this summer as well, so it is probably time for him to start learning different strokes and to work on his floating.  That he doesn’t do well, probably because there is virtually no fat on him to help with his buoyancy.