I volunteered to help at our booth at the air show.  Our Scott Officer Spouses’ Club had a booth to help raise some money for our organization.  We give away thousands of dollars each year, so it was a worth while project.  This is the organization that I volunteered to be the Membership Chairperson this year.  Anyway, all that said, but I don’t have any pictures of me at our booth.

After my shift was finished I met up with David and Troy and we got to see the different planes as well as see the Thunder Birds performance.  Troy loves the hands on and being able to get behind the “wheel” of the planes and helecopters. See what I mean? Look at this smile.

Here he’s inside a HUMWV.

Here Troy was inside a KC-21 that was set up to move a critical patient.  This is just one of those mannequins but check out the look on Troy’s face.  Yes, he knew it wasn’t real, but he didn’t want to get real close either!

I love these types of pictures of my “boys”.  Troy is still small enough to be able to sit on David’s shoulders.  I can get him on mine too, just not near as long as he used to stay up there.

Here is a view of David from Troy’s angle.

It is really hard to get a good picture of them with my simple camera so they aren’t real close up shots.  Most of them were a bit blurry so I am only sharing two.  Here are four of the six Thunder Birds.

Here is one flying upside down.  Look how low it came through.

Now I must go fix some lunch for Munchin Boy and his guest.