I was so good.  I downloaded the pictures and cropped the good ones.  I had a mental plan for the flow of this post, then almost a week went by.  *sigh* So sorry to have delayed getting this posted.

So here is our football boy! He was so excited to go to play football!  Go figure! He didn’t want anything to do with it when I first brought it up.  He just needed some time to work it through his brain and decide that it would be a good idea.  Next thing I know he is asking me if I had signed him up yet.  (Yes, that is one of his soccer shirts below his new football tee.)

Here is his number.  Oh my baby is growing up! This is his first numbered “jersey”.  He was so excited to be number 17.

First the warm up exercises.  BTW, yes that is the team’s token girl.  She did well and Troy and another boy were hanging on her.  *eye roll*

Stretching. . . . .

Whew! Now on to some of the good stuff! 😉

The 2 point stance. . . .  which leads to . . . .

the three point stance.

It is drill time.  Here they are working on their passes.

Troy passes to Daddy.  David was an impromptu assistant coach.

Here he is passing to the girl.  BTW, all the kids were 5 or 6 years old.

Now on to learning how to hike.  Here Troy is receiving.

Here he is passing the ball to another boy.

Troy was patiently waiting, then he remembered that he knows it all and decided to give one of the coaches some advice.

Here he is receiving a pass.  They learned how to hold their hands when they receive the ball, (which he isn’t doing here.)

This is what happens if you allow too much down time with kids standing around.  Look at Troy’s shirt.  Yep, he wanted to be able to see his own number!  I had to make him turn it around.

Alright already, on to the game!!!  The group was broken up into four groups during practice.  Then two of the teams paired up to play each other.

They did plenty of running.  They only played about two or three plays before the “game” ended.

It may be hard to see, but Troy is holding a flag he grabbed from the player running the ball.  He actually got a flag each play.  He was so very proud of getting the flags.  (However, the first one was pulled after the play was finished as the boy ran well past the “touch down” area.)  This picture was taken at the end of the last play of the game.

Here David is consoling Troy.  Troy just realized that he wasn’t going to get an opportunity to wear a flag and have a turn to run a play.  He was just devastated.

Here all the teams came together for a closing cheer.  Troy had recovered by this time.

He might have been Daddy’s son on the field, but here he comes to tell me all about it!  That’s my boy!