The week of his birthday I noticed extra space on the outside of his two front teeth.  (Hope that makes sense.)  Five months later. . . .  yep! You guessed it, Troy has lost his first tooth!

I have been checking peridotically and watching the looser of the two wiggling more and more.  Tonight I noticed it a lot more wiggly.  So when he asked for something to eat (at 7:45 tonight AFTER brushing teeth) I told him to go get his apple out of the fridge.  Yes, I’m a smart Mama! ;D  Without further delay, here are the pictures.

tooth-in-handwebHere is the up-close-and-personal.


I thought of sending out the 10 second video I took of him dancing a jig, but it is over 3MB and that’s a lot to send out just to hear him say he lost a tooth.