Well, it is now the middle of January!  Christmas is over, the new year has begun, family have returned home and I have finally nearly caught up on everything.

I wanted to share this picture.  This was taken Saturday (after Christmas).  We had a second Christmas when David’s Mother, brother, nephew and Lisa (Charlie’s girlfriend) came for a visit.  Troy was so wound up he couldn’t fall asleep the night before.  After lunch I could tell he needed some “quiet time” and this is the snake he received from Charlie and Lisa.  It does look like he’s enjoying his quiet time doesn’t it? LOL!



Here is Jeff.  Troy talked him into wearing this Santa hat.  Can’t you hear the “ho, ho, ho” emitting from Jeff?

I think this embedded video will work (at least it does in preview mode) which means I’ll be able to add more videos this way.  Yeah!

I am trying to load a YouTube video of Troy skating at his first Skating for Hockey lesson a week ago.  We’ll see if I embedded it correctly. 🙂


This is a picture of Troy and Nathan at their skating lesson.  Troy and Nathan have been friends for over two years now.  Nathan’s father works with David.


With this picture I wanted to show how Troy wants center stage with any adult.  The guy on the left with the black cap on is Garry, he is the General Manager of the rink.  The Guy in the center was Troy’s group coach.  Troy is right below the coach’s elbow!  In this picture Garry was explaining the game they were going to play.  Basically, if they fell on the ice the coach would try to get them.  The idea being that the kids would try NOT to fall.  Well, Troy and Nathan are too good for this type of game so they would fall just to get the coach’s attention.