The first several lessons they were just on the ice, but last week they added the hockey sticks.  I wasn’t at practice so you had to wait until this week for me to get some pictures and video. 🙂

Troy in the warm up area.  I actually walked up just before they started warming up and got a couple pictures.


Here is Troy and Nathan on the ice.


Here is Troy skating with his stick in the right position.


Here Troy is following a red line drawn on the ice and skate around the cones.

In this video, Nathan starts and Troy follows him on the same exercise as the previous video.  They catch up with another boy in their class and follow him.  You can see Troy “check” Nathan.  I’m surprised Nathan didn’t retaliate, he doesn’t usually put up with Troy’s antics.

The end of the lesson they played a game of Cops and Robbers.  Here Troy is just skating around.

Here Troy gets tagged.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and videos.  I only have my digital camer to take videos.  Perhaps David will get me one of those Flip Mino cameras! 😉