Troy ran his first race today.  It was the Mayfest Mile run.  It was for ages 16 and younger.  Troy was in the 6 and younger bracket.  I have three videos I took from before the race, the start and the finish.  Here they are in that order.

Waiting for the start:

The Start: (watch the far left for Troy.)

The Finish:

He was really upset during and right after the race.  We didn’t prepare him for the older children running by him so he was crushed that he wasn’t going to come in first for the race.  He didn’t understand that the participants were broke down into age brackets for competition.   After 5 to 10 minutes after he finished and I was able to calm him down and explain how it worked was he was able to understand that he was racing against HIS best (which was a 9:30 minute mile earlier in the week) and not all the other children.  (We had been telling him that we were proud of him  whether he won the race or not, so long as he did his very best.)

He ran a bit over an 8 minute mile today!! Woo-hoo! How awesome is that?  So after a bit of race tallying they announce the winners for Troy’s age bracket.  Third place was named and Troy’s face fell since they didn’t call him.  Second place was named and I knew he was near melting and would melt if he didn’t make it.  Then first place was named . . . . . (I know, I’m so mean. . . . .) and . . . .

First Medal

He won first place in his very first race!  Yes, we are so very proud of him!

Race Runners

Here is a shot with him with the rest of the children.  Good thing he is short and gets to stand up front!