So today was the big day, Troy headed back to school.  I took this picture of “my boys”.

1st Day

I was surprised that out of three new outfits for school, Troy chose “snazzy” over “cool”.  I had a sleeveless superman outfit and two nice shirts with the khaki shorts.  He even wanted his hair spiked.  He is looking really good.


Just thought you might be interested in seeing what we were up to this morning.

I’m still learning this flip video and using iMovie.  This video is several clips together.



Troy ran his first race today.  It was the Mayfest Mile run.  It was for ages 16 and younger.  Troy was in the 6 and younger bracket.  I have three videos I took from before the race, the start and the finish.  Here they are in that order.

Waiting for the start:

The Start: (watch the far left for Troy.)

The Finish:

He was really upset during and right after the race.  We didn’t prepare him for the older children running by him so he was crushed that he wasn’t going to come in first for the race.  He didn’t understand that the participants were broke down into age brackets for competition.   After 5 to 10 minutes after he finished and I was able to calm him down and explain how it worked was he was able to understand that he was racing against HIS best (which was a 9:30 minute mile earlier in the week) and not all the other children.  (We had been telling him that we were proud of him  whether he won the race or not, so long as he did his very best.)

He ran a bit over an 8 minute mile today!! Woo-hoo! How awesome is that?  So after a bit of race tallying they announce the winners for Troy’s age bracket.  Third place was named and Troy’s face fell since they didn’t call him.  Second place was named and I knew he was near melting and would melt if he didn’t make it.  Then first place was named . . . . . (I know, I’m so mean. . . . .) and . . . .

First Medal

He won first place in his very first race!  Yes, we are so very proud of him!

Race Runners

Here is a shot with him with the rest of the children.  Good thing he is short and gets to stand up front!

The first several lessons they were just on the ice, but last week they added the hockey sticks.  I wasn’t at practice so you had to wait until this week for me to get some pictures and video. 🙂

Troy in the warm up area.  I actually walked up just before they started warming up and got a couple pictures.


Here is Troy and Nathan on the ice.


Here is Troy skating with his stick in the right position.


Here Troy is following a red line drawn on the ice and skate around the cones.

In this video, Nathan starts and Troy follows him on the same exercise as the previous video.  They catch up with another boy in their class and follow him.  You can see Troy “check” Nathan.  I’m surprised Nathan didn’t retaliate, he doesn’t usually put up with Troy’s antics.

The end of the lesson they played a game of Cops and Robbers.  Here Troy is just skating around.

Here Troy gets tagged.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and videos.  I only have my digital camer to take videos.  Perhaps David will get me one of those Flip Mino cameras! 😉

Well, it is now the middle of January!  Christmas is over, the new year has begun, family have returned home and I have finally nearly caught up on everything.

I wanted to share this picture.  This was taken Saturday (after Christmas).  We had a second Christmas when David’s Mother, brother, nephew and Lisa (Charlie’s girlfriend) came for a visit.  Troy was so wound up he couldn’t fall asleep the night before.  After lunch I could tell he needed some “quiet time” and this is the snake he received from Charlie and Lisa.  It does look like he’s enjoying his quiet time doesn’t it? LOL!



Here is Jeff.  Troy talked him into wearing this Santa hat.  Can’t you hear the “ho, ho, ho” emitting from Jeff?

I think this embedded video will work (at least it does in preview mode) which means I’ll be able to add more videos this way.  Yeah!

I am trying to load a YouTube video of Troy skating at his first Skating for Hockey lesson a week ago.  We’ll see if I embedded it correctly. 🙂


This is a picture of Troy and Nathan at their skating lesson.  Troy and Nathan have been friends for over two years now.  Nathan’s father works with David.


With this picture I wanted to show how Troy wants center stage with any adult.  The guy on the left with the black cap on is Garry, he is the General Manager of the rink.  The Guy in the center was Troy’s group coach.  Troy is right below the coach’s elbow!  In this picture Garry was explaining the game they were going to play.  Basically, if they fell on the ice the coach would try to get them.  The idea being that the kids would try NOT to fall.  Well, Troy and Nathan are too good for this type of game so they would fall just to get the coach’s attention.

Here are some football pictures from Saturday.  They are starting to get it!  A little less grabbing and more blocking.  They are still running down field after the coaches yell “STOP!” and trying to grab flags well after the play has finished.  BUT. . . .  they are having such a fun time!

Here Troy is practicing blocking.

Here Troy is blocking during the game.  This other boy was a bit uncertain about the blocking at first, looking to his Dad for reassurance.  It was cute.

Troy is waiting for the ball to be passed.  The coaches usually have the offensive team wait just long enough for the ball to be passed since they are very quick yet.

Run, Troy, Run!

Here the boys are playing before practice started.

Alright, enough of the football.  What about the pumpkin in the title?  Troy’s class fieldtrip was to Eckert’s Farm and he picked a pumpkin.  We (I) made him wait until this week-end until David could help carve the pumpkin.  I am so NOT a fan of pumpkins! (Uck! The smell!) Anyway, here are the pictures.

Here the guys are working on the pumpkin.

Troy wouldn’t put his hand in the pumpkin at first.  “Oohh, disgusting!” Discusting is his favorite word right now.  After cleaning out the guts, Troy had to separate the seeds so that David could toast them.  You couldn’t get him out of the “disgusting” guts then!

Here David is carving the face that Troy drew.  Nope, I didn’t get a picture of the finished product.  I’ll try to later.

One to the Nap part of the title.  Troy stayed home from school today.  He was complaining about his stomach hurting.  I know that there is something going around so I decided to keep him home and see if anything came of it.  I figured I could always take him in late if it turned out he was fine.  He is so rarely sick that I wasn’t sure he was really sure he didn’t feel well.  Well, he knew what he was talking about! Here he is (willingly) taking a nap on the couch.

He wanted it to be dark but didn’t want to go to his room.  So I pulled the blanket over his head but he wanted a peek hole to watch tv.  He didn’t last too long before he was out.  He may be staying home again tomorrow since he was telling me that his stomach was hurting at bedtime.  HOPEFULLY tomorrow he will be all better! 🙂

I volunteered to help at our booth at the air show.  Our Scott Officer Spouses’ Club had a booth to help raise some money for our organization.  We give away thousands of dollars each year, so it was a worth while project.  This is the organization that I volunteered to be the Membership Chairperson this year.  Anyway, all that said, but I don’t have any pictures of me at our booth.

After my shift was finished I met up with David and Troy and we got to see the different planes as well as see the Thunder Birds performance.  Troy loves the hands on and being able to get behind the “wheel” of the planes and helecopters. See what I mean? Look at this smile.

Here he’s inside a HUMWV.

Here Troy was inside a KC-21 that was set up to move a critical patient.  This is just one of those mannequins but check out the look on Troy’s face.  Yes, he knew it wasn’t real, but he didn’t want to get real close either!

I love these types of pictures of my “boys”.  Troy is still small enough to be able to sit on David’s shoulders.  I can get him on mine too, just not near as long as he used to stay up there.

Here is a view of David from Troy’s angle.

It is really hard to get a good picture of them with my simple camera so they aren’t real close up shots.  Most of them were a bit blurry so I am only sharing two.  Here are four of the six Thunder Birds.

Here is one flying upside down.  Look how low it came through.

Now I must go fix some lunch for Munchin Boy and his guest.