Almost five years later we live in the Midwest, Troy is in high school, David retired from the Army.

More recently we look like this:

This was us at Easter taken at church. The second picture was taken at Thanksgiving when Virginia was visiting.


My Patriot boys!

Troy’s first target practice and his first day of school.

Grandma Fox passed this Spring and brought us together for this photo. Troy and I traveled to MO to visit Grandma Dottie, this is Aunt Sherrie and me earlier this year.

I’ll try to update a little more later perhaps even get semi-regular since I don’t hang out at Facebook anymore.




For the Martin Luther King, Jr. long week-end we headed to Massanutten. I love that Troy is getting old enough to take good pictures of David and I. Here we are at a beautiful look-out.

Here Troy is learning how to surf. Even David tried it!

David and Troy sled on tubes for two hours.  It was in the low 30’s and COLD!

I lost my last pair of glasses so I had to get a new pair.  Its been over a year so I did the whole route and got my eyes examined first.  Good thing, since I had some questions for the doctor.  Like, “I hate my old glasses.” He explained that the no-lines bifocals make you have to read in one small area and you have to move your head instead of your eyes.  So I decided to go with the lined bifocals AND get a pair of just reading glasses for just reading.  He also told me the best (least costly) place to get them!  Two pair cost me under $90!

I also got my hair cut.  I wanted it shorter in back yet still have that bob style going in the front so I can use a headband or pull my hair back with a barrette.  I also wanted to look good for our upcoming family reunion in Texas this week-end.  Without further ado:

Okay, I guess you can’t really see much of the style, but you can see that it is shorter.  The hairdresser cut of at least 5 inches in the back.

Here are my new Vera Wang glasses.

Also news on the Melissa front, I recently went for allergy testing.  We knew that I was allergic to “something” outside that really hits me if I try to mow.  David suggested getting tested so I asked for a referral and got one.  While I was filling out all the paperwork my gastritis came up and the doctor wanted to test for some food allergies.  Okay. . . .

Well, do you want to know the environmental or the food allergies first?

Okay, I’ll be nice and stay on topic.  I found that I am allergic to the following foods:

  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Avocado  *wails*
  • Oats

I am also allergic to the following environmental items:

  • Grass, grass, and MORE grass (allergic to all 6 types tested for)
  • Weeds (allergic to 7 of 10 tested for)
  • Cats
  • Dust Mites (allergic to both types tested for)
  • Olive Trees (fortunately, this tree isn’t common here)

I have decided to give allergy shots a try.  I hate taking medication and frequently forget (like this morning, did I or didn’t I take that pill?) I’ll still take the medication while I’m receiving the shots, but hopefully over time I won’t have to.  Although, it takes six to 12 months to know if the shots are working.

So after receiving all this info, I am now looking around for good rice recipes.  Since I can’t have potatoes and some pastas contain egg, rice is the safest starch.  I am learning how to cook around eggs (the egg replacer I bought has potato starch!) *sigh*  It is a good thing that both David and Troy love rice.  I’m the one that hasn’t been a rice fan.  Well, until now. 😉  But to be honest, my stomach HAS been feeling better so perhaps that is the silver lining to all this frustration of removing these foods from my diet.