Almost five years later we live in the Midwest, Troy is in high school, David retired from the Army.

More recently we look like this:

This was us at Easter taken at church. The second picture was taken at Thanksgiving when Virginia was visiting.


My Patriot boys!

Troy’s first target practice and his first day of school.

Grandma Fox passed this Spring and brought us together for this photo. Troy and I traveled to MO to visit Grandma Dottie, this is Aunt Sherrie and me earlier this year.

I’ll try to update a little more later perhaps even get semi-regular since I don’t hang out at Facebook anymore.




For the Martin Luther King, Jr. long week-end we headed to Massanutten. I love that Troy is getting old enough to take good pictures of David and I. Here we are at a beautiful look-out.

Here Troy is learning how to surf. Even David tried it!

David and Troy sled on tubes for two hours.  It was in the low 30’s and COLD!

So today was the big day, Troy headed back to school.  I took this picture of “my boys”.

1st Day

I was surprised that out of three new outfits for school, Troy chose “snazzy” over “cool”.  I had a sleeveless superman outfit and two nice shirts with the khaki shorts.  He even wanted his hair spiked.  He is looking really good.

Just thought you might be interested in seeing what we were up to this morning.

I’m still learning this flip video and using iMovie.  This video is several clips together.



Troy ran his first race today.  It was the Mayfest Mile run.  It was for ages 16 and younger.  Troy was in the 6 and younger bracket.  I have three videos I took from before the race, the start and the finish.  Here they are in that order.

Waiting for the start:

The Start: (watch the far left for Troy.)

The Finish:

He was really upset during and right after the race.  We didn’t prepare him for the older children running by him so he was crushed that he wasn’t going to come in first for the race.  He didn’t understand that the participants were broke down into age brackets for competition.   After 5 to 10 minutes after he finished and I was able to calm him down and explain how it worked was he was able to understand that he was racing against HIS best (which was a 9:30 minute mile earlier in the week) and not all the other children.  (We had been telling him that we were proud of him  whether he won the race or not, so long as he did his very best.)

He ran a bit over an 8 minute mile today!! Woo-hoo! How awesome is that?  So after a bit of race tallying they announce the winners for Troy’s age bracket.  Third place was named and Troy’s face fell since they didn’t call him.  Second place was named and I knew he was near melting and would melt if he didn’t make it.  Then first place was named . . . . . (I know, I’m so mean. . . . .) and . . . .

First Medal

He won first place in his very first race!  Yes, we are so very proud of him!

Race Runners

Here is a shot with him with the rest of the children.  Good thing he is short and gets to stand up front!

Yes, I have some Easter pictures, but I have to get them ready.  I took these videos at Troy’s testing for his brown belt on Friday and uploaded the videos to YouTube so here they are.

They always start off with the student creed.  I missed the first part, but you get the idea.

Here he is demonstrating his knee strike

This is the stillest you will ever see Troy

Here is his Fighting Stance

Here is his belt toss

Here is Troy in his matae (sp?) position:


Guarding Stance:




Here is Troy with his wonderful Sensei Mawfeld:


We were so happy that Daddy could make it to watch Troy test:


(BTW, that little white “thingy” on Troy’s nose is the sticker from his new belt.  Sensei Mawfeld always puts it on the children’s noses.)

We have returned and settled in from our vacation.  A week in Cancun is just long enough to enjoy being away but after a week away you start to miss your own bed and pillow!  I have uploaded four short video clips from our vacation for your enjoyment!

The first is Annette and Troy enjoying the waves.  The wonderful thing about vacationing with others is that you can spread the Troy-factor around! Annette was usually good to go for some wave time when Troy would ask her.  Thanks so much Annette!

Here Troy is just enjoying the waves.  He finally got to the point where he could “sort-of” body surf!

What would a trip to Cancun be without some sand time?  Here Troy was building a sand castle.  He enlisted my help with the moat so that the waves would wash his castle away.


I thought this was a good picture of Annette and Jeff.  The picture of David & I turned out really foggy so I won’t post it.


We went downtown one night and enjoyed dinner at the Margarettaville restaurant.  Outside they had a bouncy house set up and for awhile Troy was the only kid using it.  Here he is talking smack to no one in particular.

Here is a photo of us after we finished out dinner at the restaurant.


Troy and Jeff were playing around behind this Parrot at Margarettaville.


Here Troy is chatting with the boat driver that takes us from our resort to the sister resort across the lagoon.  This driver was great with Troy, let him sit with him and chatted.  This driver was the one that took us on a short croc hunt.

Here is the croc.  He’s a bit hard to see since he blends with the branches so well.


Troy so enjoyed his Uncle Jeff!  Poor Jeff, I’m sure he was tuckered out by the time it was time to return home!  After all, its been quite a few years since he had a young boy running around and wanting all his attention!


The entertainment for the children was fun.  Troy is always a participater! Here he was taking his turn at the pinata.


Here he had his face painted up like a tiger.


Here is Troy with some of the entertainment staff at our resort.  Kara never did find a place in Troy’s heart like Gabby did last year.  We asked about Gabby and was told that she got married and no longer worked there.  (Next time you see Troy stick his tongue out and make finger signs you know where he learned it!)


We traveled over to the sister resort quite a few times.  One of the first days one of the staff walked up to Troy and started talking to him about being an animal rescuer and that he was the “real” Diego! (He saw his name on Troy’s swim trunks!)


There you go! I hope you enjoyed seeing our vacation!

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