The first several lessons they were just on the ice, but last week they added the hockey sticks.  I wasn’t at practice so you had to wait until this week for me to get some pictures and video. 🙂

Troy in the warm up area.  I actually walked up just before they started warming up and got a couple pictures.


Here is Troy and Nathan on the ice.


Here is Troy skating with his stick in the right position.


Here Troy is following a red line drawn on the ice and skate around the cones.

In this video, Nathan starts and Troy follows him on the same exercise as the previous video.  They catch up with another boy in their class and follow him.  You can see Troy “check” Nathan.  I’m surprised Nathan didn’t retaliate, he doesn’t usually put up with Troy’s antics.

The end of the lesson they played a game of Cops and Robbers.  Here Troy is just skating around.

Here Troy gets tagged.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and videos.  I only have my digital camer to take videos.  Perhaps David will get me one of those Flip Mino cameras! 😉


The kids had two snow days two weeks ago, so we’ve had snow for the kids to play in.  These pictures were taken about a week ago.  Troy’s friend Wyatt was over to visit.  A couple of girls from across the street also came over to play.  I’m not sure who’s idea it was to do this but I suspect it was Troy’s as I watched him do it first by himself.  That’s when I decided to grab the camera.

Get ready. . . . .


Get set. . . . . .




Here is the video I took of the boys sliding.

I just thought I’d add that I took this video (and the pictures) from inside the house.  The fuzzy bottom is one of the blinds.  Oh, and no little boys were harmed in the filming of this video!

Well, it is now the middle of January!  Christmas is over, the new year has begun, family have returned home and I have finally nearly caught up on everything.

I wanted to share this picture.  This was taken Saturday (after Christmas).  We had a second Christmas when David’s Mother, brother, nephew and Lisa (Charlie’s girlfriend) came for a visit.  Troy was so wound up he couldn’t fall asleep the night before.  After lunch I could tell he needed some “quiet time” and this is the snake he received from Charlie and Lisa.  It does look like he’s enjoying his quiet time doesn’t it? LOL!



Here is Jeff.  Troy talked him into wearing this Santa hat.  Can’t you hear the “ho, ho, ho” emitting from Jeff?

I think this embedded video will work (at least it does in preview mode) which means I’ll be able to add more videos this way.  Yeah!

I am trying to load a YouTube video of Troy skating at his first Skating for Hockey lesson a week ago.  We’ll see if I embedded it correctly. 🙂


This is a picture of Troy and Nathan at their skating lesson.  Troy and Nathan have been friends for over two years now.  Nathan’s father works with David.


With this picture I wanted to show how Troy wants center stage with any adult.  The guy on the left with the black cap on is Garry, he is the General Manager of the rink.  The Guy in the center was Troy’s group coach.  Troy is right below the coach’s elbow!  In this picture Garry was explaining the game they were going to play.  Basically, if they fell on the ice the coach would try to get them.  The idea being that the kids would try NOT to fall.  Well, Troy and Nathan are too good for this type of game so they would fall just to get the coach’s attention.

It is already past 11pm and after a few late nights I am really ready for bed.   But first, here are a few pictures starting from the activities from the past few day’s activities.

Troy really wanted a gingerbread house.  I convinced him that a rice crispies house would be better.  (He wanted to eat the gingerbread, but forgot that he doesn’t like gingerbread.)  I went to Michael’s only to find that they were out of the rice crispies and only had the gingerbread houses.  Yes, I got the gingerbread house kit.


Holding my breath, I let him add some “snow”.  I know, I’m such a control freak but I really tried to let him do as much on his own as, well as much as I could. 😀  Basically, I put the house together and frosted and he did all the candy embellishing.


Here is the finished product.  He was pretty proud of his house.  Now of course he doesn’t even look at it, but that’s okay.  It was an adventure worth taking.


We attended the annual TRANSCOM Children’s Christmas party again.  Here is this year’s photo with Santa and Mrs. Claus.


We started monitoring Santa’s progress on NORAD’s website.  I had the website on David’s computer so Troy could periodically check.  He knows how to tool around and watch the videos.


I had to keep telling Troy that IF he got to open a gift on Christmas Eve it would be after he had his PJ’s on and his teeth brushed.  This is a picture of him at 4pm.  Yes, he had sweet smelling breath!


I always like to have the before and after.  I didn’t get an after, but it wasn’t too messy since We were able to get Troy to clean up along the way.  This was taken before I went to bed.  We had put out about 75% of the gifts the night before so Troy thought he was getting 10 gifts from us.  He had them counted.  He picked number 10 to open on Christmas Eve.


Gift #10 was a world map puzzle.  David and Troy enjoyed putting most of it together.  The board is magnetic so the countries stick to the board.  Good thing, there are LOTS of little countries!  Troy did start to get board toward the end, but like a good trooper he got it finished.


So what gift won out as being the favorite?  This is Teddy.  He “followed” Troy everywhere! Check out the new Batman PJs too!


He now has everything he needs to play hockey! Trust me I said E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G he needs! He has things I didn’t think little boys needed yet! *huge eyeroll*  The only thing his is missing now is a hockey shirt to wear with that ensemble!


I loved this picture.  This toy makes plenty of noise and moves forward too! Just like the jet we also got him.  Enough noise to drive David to distraction! (I’ll be hiding in MY cave!)


As for big gifts, here is the biggest.  Although Troy thinks this is HIS toy, it really was a Daddy gift! I can’t tell you how long David has wanted one of these.  (Notice Teddy helping Troy unveil the gift?)


Here are the boys playing air hockey.  I think this will be the most popular of the three games (air hockey, pool & ping pong.)


As you can see here, Troy stands on one of his chairs to play.  I was even allowed to get in on some of the fun!


Here Troy is enjoying a victory hollar!  Funny thing is that he actually TIED David in ping pong!  Sometimes that is just as good as actually winning. 😀

We are sending out our love and warm wishes to all our family and friends.  Merry Christmas and goodnight.

Well, where has the time flown?  It is Christmas and I didn’t upload my Thanksgiving pics.


I know this doesn’t look like much, but boy was it several days worth of work! David wanted turkey so I fixed both turkey and ham.  I love cranberry sauce so I had to have some of that.  Mashed potatoes for the “boys” (boy am I missing potatoes!) I also made my first homemade stuffing!  Yummy!


Here we are about ready to start enjoying!

The week of his birthday I noticed extra space on the outside of his two front teeth.  (Hope that makes sense.)  Five months later. . . .  yep! You guessed it, Troy has lost his first tooth!

I have been checking peridotically and watching the looser of the two wiggling more and more.  Tonight I noticed it a lot more wiggly.  So when he asked for something to eat (at 7:45 tonight AFTER brushing teeth) I told him to go get his apple out of the fridge.  Yes, I’m a smart Mama! ;D  Without further delay, here are the pictures.

tooth-in-handwebHere is the up-close-and-personal.


I thought of sending out the 10 second video I took of him dancing a jig, but it is over 3MB and that’s a lot to send out just to hear him say he lost a tooth.

Here are some football pictures from Saturday.  They are starting to get it!  A little less grabbing and more blocking.  They are still running down field after the coaches yell “STOP!” and trying to grab flags well after the play has finished.  BUT. . . .  they are having such a fun time!

Here Troy is practicing blocking.

Here Troy is blocking during the game.  This other boy was a bit uncertain about the blocking at first, looking to his Dad for reassurance.  It was cute.

Troy is waiting for the ball to be passed.  The coaches usually have the offensive team wait just long enough for the ball to be passed since they are very quick yet.

Run, Troy, Run!

Here the boys are playing before practice started.

Alright, enough of the football.  What about the pumpkin in the title?  Troy’s class fieldtrip was to Eckert’s Farm and he picked a pumpkin.  We (I) made him wait until this week-end until David could help carve the pumpkin.  I am so NOT a fan of pumpkins! (Uck! The smell!) Anyway, here are the pictures.

Here the guys are working on the pumpkin.

Troy wouldn’t put his hand in the pumpkin at first.  “Oohh, disgusting!” Discusting is his favorite word right now.  After cleaning out the guts, Troy had to separate the seeds so that David could toast them.  You couldn’t get him out of the “disgusting” guts then!

Here David is carving the face that Troy drew.  Nope, I didn’t get a picture of the finished product.  I’ll try to later.

One to the Nap part of the title.  Troy stayed home from school today.  He was complaining about his stomach hurting.  I know that there is something going around so I decided to keep him home and see if anything came of it.  I figured I could always take him in late if it turned out he was fine.  He is so rarely sick that I wasn’t sure he was really sure he didn’t feel well.  Well, he knew what he was talking about! Here he is (willingly) taking a nap on the couch.

He wanted it to be dark but didn’t want to go to his room.  So I pulled the blanket over his head but he wanted a peek hole to watch tv.  He didn’t last too long before he was out.  He may be staying home again tomorrow since he was telling me that his stomach was hurting at bedtime.  HOPEFULLY tomorrow he will be all better! 🙂